News Release Oct 24/13


October 24th, 2013

(White Rock, British Columbia) Perry Stone, Founder, President and Race Director of the Tour of British Columbia, the BC Explorer and the BC Contender is pleased to announce that PowerCranks LLC has become the Title Sponsor for the BC Contender which will now be named the PowerCranks Contender.

PowerCranks are a well-established training tool for cyclists, triathletes and competitors in any other athletic endeavour.  PowerCranks users have won such events as the Cyclocross World Cup, Ultraman World Championship, Olympic Games Men’s Road Race, Xterra World Championships, and the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, Paris Roubaix, and the Tour de France, the World Series and the Super Bowl (and countless other events).

The PowerCranks Contender is a 1,617 kilometer single-stage ultra-endurance bicycle race open to soloists, two, four and six person relay teams.  The course which starts and finishes in White Rock, British Columbia travels through the mountainous terrain of lower British Columbia which requires racers to contend with slightly more than 27,000 meters of climbing on the inaugural route.

Dr. Frank Day, Inventor and President of PowerCranks states, “PowerCranks is honored to support the now named PowerCranks Contender and we look forward to a fantastic race on a very demanding course and I would like to encourage all cyclists to test themselves in an exciting and very formidable ultra-cycling challenge”.

Perry Stone states, “At the start of PowerCranks product development (late 90’s) I rode approximately 50,000 kilometers on PowerCranks and set, and then reset the record for cycling around Australia. Over the past ten years I have introduced PowerCranks to numerous riders and triathletes and have never once received anything but positive feedback. I am very proud to associate our races with this exceptional product”.

PowerCranks replace standard cranks on most bicycles and stationary bicycles. PowerCranks force the rider to use his or her legs in the complete pedal rotation and increases the strength of their hip flexors, their core strength and synergy, their endurance capacity and reduce the risk of injury. For more information please visit

All riders in the PowerCranks Contender and their support crew will be offered special incentives to purchase their own PowerCranks and to race on them.

The PowerCranks Contender runs August 3rd-8th, 2014 and is expected to be a highly competitive and challenging event. Riders are encouraged to register today and begin their training.

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