Ultra-Cycling Defined


Ultra-cycling rules are based primarily on the logical implementation of safety procedures and maintaining a level of fair competition. Ride Canada will provide a detailed rulebook prior to our events with our primary focus being safety issues. On the road, the basic rules are:

1)      No rider may draft off another rider, escort vehicle or in any other fashion except when a relay team has elected to put more than one rider on the road at a time, they may work in tandem or larger numbers at their own discretion.

2)      No rider may leave the course and return to it in further along the course, except when returning riders of a relay team are rejoining their team.

3)      All laws of the road apply to cyclists and their support crew. This means compliance with all traffic signals and keeping as far to the right as possible. Whenever possible, riding on any available shoulder is desired.

con-rider2754)      All riders, when competing must be escorted by a support vehicle that follows closely behind them. (There are exceptions to this rule that will be detailed by our race director.)

5)      Support vehicles and bicycles must comply with race director’s lighting and safety regulations.

6)      Races are contested in a single stage and riders are timed from start-to-finish line completely.

Participants deliberately conducting themselves in an unsafe manner will be immediately suspended or disqualified.

Ultra-endurance cycling is a demanding sport often contested by people who are short on sleep and working with a small group of people for extended and stressful periods of time. Remember even a SOLO rider is part of a team and it takes a cohesive team-effort to be successful and fast.

For the most part ultra-endurance cyclists appreciate the commitment and strength of fellow competitors and regard them with the utmost respect. It is not uncommon for competing teams to assist one another if circumstance requires.

In 2014 we will only sanction riders who practice unsafe methods, do not complete the minimum daily distances (unless something extraordinary occurs), or are being a nuisance to other racers or our event staff. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for unsafe practices or unsportsmanlike conduct. Good sportsmanship is mandatory but shouldn’t need to be a rule, just be cool. 

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