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PowerCranks Contender ultra endurance bicycle race

The PowerCranks Contender is an ultra-cycling-race contested in British Columbia’s Vancouver & Coast Mountain region, the Thompson Okanagan and the Caribou Chilcotin where cyclists will experience an exceptional, ever-evolving landscape for their journey of personal discovery.

umca_logo170At a distance of 1,617 kilometers that includes 27,200 meters of climbing the PowerCranks Contender is a multi-day, mid-range ultra-endurance cycling event that is sure to challenge even elite riders. Yet the race has been carefully developed to allow those of us who truly seek out an ‘all-out’ test of their cycling abilities and overall mettle a venue to do just that.

Riders are timed from the start line to the finish line and are compete to earn one of three levels of accomplishment; Elite, Competitor or Official Finisher. To earn Elite recognition a solo rider must complete the course in less than 3 days or 72 hours while a less experienced or accomplished rider may earn Official Finisher recognition by finishing in 4.5 days or 108 hours. A four person relay team has just 50 hours to earn Elite Recognition and 94 hours to be deemed Official Finishers.

PC150bCompetition is open to soloists and relay teams with 2 or 4 riders who are over the age of 19 with the physical ability and bicycle handling skills required. All riders must provide their own support crew to escort them throughout the entire race. Riders may compete on a variety of accepted bicycle types and human-powered vehicles.

The PowerCranks Contender begins August 3rd, 2014 in White Rock, British Columbia which is conveniently located 5 kilometers from the Canada/USA border and within 40 km of International Airports in each country. We invite you to visit the rest of our site to learn more and discover exactly how far you can go! 


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